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kcp Documentation


kcp is a Kubernetes-like control plane focusing on:

  • A control plane for many independent, isolated “clusters” known as workspaces
  • Enabling API service providers to offer APIs centrally using multi-tenant operators
  • Easy API consumption for users in their workspaces
  • Advanced deployment strategies for scenarios such as affinity/anti-affinity, geographic replication, cross-cloud replication, etc.

kcp can be a building block for SaaS service providers who need a massively multi-tenant platform to offer services to a large number of fully isolated tenants using Kubernetes-native APIs. The goal is to be useful to cloud providers as well as enterprise IT departments offering APIs within their company.


To get started with trying out kcp on your local system, check out our Quickstart instructions.


We ❤️ our contributors! If you're interested in helping us out, please head over to our Contributing guide.

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