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Writing kcp-aware controllers

Keys for objects in listers/indexers

When you need to get an object from a kcp-aware lister or an indexer, you can't just pass the object's name to the Get() function, like you do with a typical controller targeting Kubernetes. Projects using kcp's copy of client-go are using a modified key function.

Here are what keys look like for an object foo for both cluster-scoped and namespace-scoped varieties:

Organization Workspace Logical Cluster Namespace Key
- - root - root
- - root default default/root
root my-org root:my-org - root:my-org
root my-org root:my-org default default/root:my-org
my-org my-workspace my-org:my-workspace - my-org:my-workspace
my-org my-workspace my-org:my-workspace default default/my-org:my-workspace

Encoding/decoding keys

Use the package to encode and decode keys.