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kcp concepts

APIs in kcp

What APIs come standard, how to share APIs with others, how to consume shared APIs.


How to authorize requests to kcp.

Cache Server

The cache server is a regular, Kubernetes-style CRUD API server with support of LIST/WATCH semantics.

Cluster Mapper

How to use the cluster mapper.

kubectl kcp plugin

How to use the kubectl kcp plugin.

Partition API

How to create shard partitions.

Quickstart: Tenancy and APIs

How to create a new API and use it with tenancy.

REST access patterns

Information on the different types of URLs that kcp serves.

Terminology for kcp

Contains the definitions shared across design documents around prototyping a kube-like control plane (in KCP). This is a derivative work of other design documents intended to frame terminology. All future statements that may be changed by designs is covered by those designs, and not duplicated here.

Virtual Workspaces

What are virtual workspaces and how do they work?


What are workspaces and how to use them.